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Subject Areas

Grades K-12

Homework Help

While reading, writing, and math are the main subjects students need support for, we are happy to provide homework help with all school subjects for Grades K-12.

Study Skills

Without reliable study skills, students can feel overwhelmed and unsure about what is expected of them. Studying should be about comprehension, not memorization. We work with students to understand their material and build confidence, through proper note-taking, creating effective study notes, improving time management, and overcoming procrastination.



Smarts Tutoring is proud to offer two highly effective reading intervention programs; Reading Mastery and Empower. Both programs align with the Ontario curriculum, so you'll never have to worry about your child missing a beat.


Our enrichment program allows students to learn and engage with above-grade concepts. If you find your child is lacking interest in academics despite meeting all grade level standards, our enrichment program is for you! By engaging with material that your child is interested in, as well as at a higher level, motivation will increase as your child becomes academically stimulated.



Our special education programming is designed to increase your child's ability to focus, problem solve, and think critically. Whether your child has ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, among other learning difficulties, we are here to help!

Organization Help

Organization skills are essential for children to interpret and retain information. If you find your child is easily frustrated when sorting through their schoolwork and having decide where to start, they could benefit greatly from learning key organizational skills. This will allow your child to work independently and think critically about how to approach a task or assignment.

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